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Welcome to the official AT&T Schedule of Authorizations (SOA) site. This is the current version of the SOA updated 6/12/2006. View the SOA by Table of Contents, or search the entire SOA by clicking on the corresponding link located in the top navigation bar on all SOA pages.

The Schedule of Authorizations (SOA - the "Schedule") is an instrument, which communicates and facilitates business and financial controls by delineating who is empowered to make what financial commitments for the Corporation. It is a fundamental and auditable set of financial and other business controls, all of which work together to ensure the financial integrity of the Corporate enterprise.

See SOA Chapter 1 for additional general information.

  • To see the current executive authority within your organization click here. (updated 06/12/2006)

The Schedule of Authorizations is published by the AT&T Controller Division.  We welcome organizations to link to the Home Page or the Table of Contents. Linking to individual sections or chapters may result in errors as the SOA is subject to change at any time.