Our Company

East Jersey Tech LLC was founded by William Kelly in 2006 after working 18 years in the technical field for AT&T. William brings to East Jersey Tech his wealth of project management, hardware and software support and web development expertise. The company is located in Piscataway, NJ home to the Busch and Livingston campuses of Rutgers University, and many well know companies. Fortune 500 corporations including AT&T, Telcordia Technologies, Colgate Palmolive Technology, and Johnson & Johnson Health Systems, are represented to name a few.

East Jersey Tech is a full service technology/marketing company specializing in website creation and management. We like to fully understand your business needs before creating your web site. We never do a cookie cutter design like some other lowest bid “designers”. All our web sites are custom built for our customers. East Jersey Tech partners with our customers in building web sites to help businesses succeed. Whether you are a small business looking for your first web site or a larger business overhauling a dated web site no job is to small or to large for us to take on. Please take a look at our portfolio.

Our Name

New Jersey was formerly separated into two provinces, East Jersey and West Jersey, for the 28 years between 1674 and 1702. The story of East and West Jersey is the story of early America. With population growing and influnences constaintly changing the governors of the time had problems agreeing on a dividing line. Piscataway, once half the size of present day Middlesex County, always found itself close to the dividing line but firmly within East Jersey. Our company name is a tip of the hat (with tongue firmly in cheek) to those earlier days when Piscataway was a border town.

Our Logo

The rooster weathervane in our logo is based upon the weathervane atop the Three Mile Run Church at the East Jersey Olde Towne Village located in Piscataway, NJ. The village is a collection of original, replica and reconstructed 18th and 19th century structures once found in the area.

East Jersey Tech is a full service marketing company specializing in web site developement.

We provide competitively priced web design and support for your technical infrastructure across the tri-state area.

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