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About Cousin Bocce

Cousin Bocce started as a dream, turned vision, among 3 cousins of Italian heritage. Our mission is to build the finest bocce courts, using the finest materials and techniques, to bring our customers years of enjoyable, competitive playing time.

Our team skills include over 35 years in construction, plumbing, excavation, irrigation and graphic design. Our passion for the game of bocce spans 5 decades and 3 generations.

Each court construction is custom built to the individual needs of the customer. This includes amenities outside the court as well, such as landscaping, bench seating, scoreboards, grooming tools, etc.

If you love the game of bocce and always "dreamed" of having that "state of the art" court, that plays true and is free of roots, divots and all the pitfalls of a bad roll, then consider a custom made court that will bring years of playing pleasure and add excitement to your backyard gatherings, like never before.

Cousin Bocce Builders is located in Central New Jersey. We also service north and south New Jersey and parts of eastern Pennsylvania.

Cell - 732-887-8645

Cousin Bocce Builders located in Central New Jersey wants to build the finest bocce court for you. If you want to celebrate your Italian heritage or just have the most fun you ever had consider a well designed, quality built, bocce court by Cousin Bocce.

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